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2.5 hours


Included (replaces lunch or dinner)


Top-rated food connoisseur


Available for purchase at the best eateries of Rome the guide will take you


Delicious and informative foody walk through the city center of Rome with a top-rated local guide.

You meet with your guide in Campo dei Fiori, one of Rome’s famous market squares and will be introduced to some of the food vendors at their market stalls. You can sample cheese, cured meat, wine and seasonal fruit amongst other delicious morsels. Next we head for the Jewish Ghetto and the Theatre of Pompey to see the remains of several ancient roman buildings as well as Rome’s synagogue.

On the way you can taste some of Rome’s best pizza and the delicious suppli; a traditional street food which is made by frying a ball of rice that has tomatoes and mozzarella at its centre. Next we continue to the area known as Torre di Largo Argentina where Julius Caesar was assassinated. We visit a nearby family-run gelateria to eat some of the city’s best ice-cream and to hear from the shop’s owner how it is made. You can choose to take this tour a lunch or dinner time as it is an ideal way to see the sights of Rome whilst at the same time having a light meal.

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